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Juice Caboose

Healthy Never Tasted This Good!

We call it the Juice Caboose because it’s located in the back of the store. Follow the “rainbow” to where healing and rejuvenation begin. The Juice Caboose was the first place in Dayton to provide cutting-edge whole foods nutritional supplements: E3 Live, Brain On, the Gift. We also have wheatgrass and use organically grown produce to create juices and smoothies. We are the first and only to use the Kangen 501 SD water machine to clean and prepare our soups and menu. We have ridiculously good vegan soups and sandwiches prepared by our naturalist, organic cook Martha.

At the Juice Caboose you’ll find weekend warriors, baby boomers, generation X-ers, hip-hoppers, grandmas and grandpas, construction workers, doctors, entrepreneurs, ministers, teenagers, young adults, nurses, teachers, retirees, and many many more. It’s where you’ll find energy, stamina, clarity, and a feeling of well being.

If you need a quick, mid-morning pick me up, a good week-end brunch, a healthy lunch, or after work treat, we have just the thing for you! Come and experience the Juice Caboose.

For takeout orders, call ahead: 937-279-0994

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