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Chronic Disease

Yes, genetics play a role in the disease process, but that role is much smaller than you might believe. Within some families, a gene that causes cancer or heart disease at an early age may be passed from generation to generation. These aggressive genes can affect many members of a single family line and, though they almost always cause disease, they are rare. Less than 5% of all cases of cancer and heart disease fall into this category. Other genes, which are not quite as aggressive, can also cause these diseases, but just carrying the gene doesn’t mean you will develop the disease. The weaker genes, called polymorphisms, can cause health problems only if they have the right environment. 

Therefore, just because you inherit a gene that is known to cause problems doesn’t mean you are destined to have those problems. Most genes can express themselves only if they have the right environment. That is why we say at Natural Foods Plus “Genetics load the Gun, but Lifestyle Pulls the trigger.”

Dr. Wayne says there are 3 Crisis in America. They are the Pharmaceutical Industry, Obesity, & Violence. If you want to prevent or break this “Perpetual Cycle of Pain & Misery” or Syndrome X, call The Natural Healer Rick L. Poole. He will assess and design your “Optimal Health Program.”

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