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  • Decadent chocolate flavors from cocoa powder and chocolate plant protein are paired with inositol—a powerful B-vitamin that helps with blood sugar levels, mood, and cravings. A healthy indulgence!

  • Our signature smoothie is sweetened with organic agave nectar and packed with superfoods like spirulina, wheatgrass, and alfalfa. The addition of plant based protein makes it a complete meal with a dynamic nutritional profile.

  • Flax oil replaces agave nectar making this Emerald Treasure a great option for those who are sugar sensitive or want the incredible benefits of flax oil added to their diet. We can’t seem to make enough of them!

  • Organic berries, flaxseed oil, and plant protein are blended together to create a colorful, candied concoction. With no added sugar and all organic ingredients, it satisfies a sweet tooth while nourishing the body.

  • The popular flavor of strawberry and banana are amplified with organic, raw honey.